How To Use Arizona Rub
Arizona Rub is generally classified as a dry marinade which is used for barbequing meats and poultry. Keep in mind, however, that the spices used to make Arizona Rub are the same spices you often use individually to add flavor to the food you cook on the stove, in the oven or in a crock pot. So while Arizona Rub is fantastic as a dry rub, it is also an extraordinary “sprinkle” seasoning for general use in the kitchen.

On the BBQ
When using Arizona Rub for grilling meat and poultry, you should use it liberally. A little sprinkle simply won’t do. You need to coat the meat or poultry thoroughly and physically rub the spices into the surface. After rubbing, you can also give it another sprinkling to make sure the meat is well coated especially if it’s a thick or large cut of meat. The next step is to give the rub time to penetrate the meat. This should take at least an hour—two or three if you have the time. You may even let the rubbed meat sit covered in the refrigerator overnight. The underlying concept here is that more time is generally better. If you’re using wood chips for smoking, it’s a great idea to apply the rub and set aside before soaking the wood chips which need at least an hour in water before use. Allowing the meat to marinate while the wood chips soak for an hour or more is a great practice as it ensures that both get the time they need. The last step, of course, is the actual barbequing. This is a subject of great discussion as there are so many variables to consider. Do you use gas, wood or charcoal? Do you cook directly over the heat source or indirectly away from the heat? Is it better to cook slowly over low heat or hot and fast? Do you smoke or not and, if so, what kind of wood chips do you use? Do you use BBQ sauce or do you prefer the flavor of naked BBQ? Of course, there are many more choices but it’s clear that each will produce a different result and a different flavor. So it’s really all about what appeals to your personal taste. But here’s the good news: they can all be good. Part of the fun is trying different methods and creating different flavors. Over time you’ll perfect a secret combination that makes your BBQ unique and supports the claim that yours is the best barbeque of all.

On the Stove
Using Arizona Rub on the stove is like using one spice that has everything in it. When frying meats and vegetables, a few shakes of Arizona Rub can punch up the flavor. When sautéing onions and vegetables as a base to a soup, stew or rice dish, Arizona Rub adds a wonderful touch of flavor. Basically, it can be used anywhere, anytime and on virtually anything. Examples include pork chops, chicken, hamburger patties, potatoes, stews, eggs, fish and risotto to name but a few. The uses are only limited by your imagination and willingness to experiment and try new flavors.

In the Oven
Using Arizona Rub in the oven is a natural. In fact, using Arizona Rub in the oven is very much like using it on the BBQ. Whenever you’re making a roast, baked chicken or even casseroles, Arizona Rub is a simple way to add great flavor. Again, the oven offers excellent opportunities to experiment and try new ways to add more flavor and greater variety. So next time you’re preparing a recipe that’s going in the oven, change things up by adding Arizona Rub. You’ll be amazed how it makes everything taste better!



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