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Which Rub Blend Should I Use?

Which Arizona Rub Blend Should I Use?
Great Question
One of the most asked questions is “Which rub blend should I use in the recipes?” The answer is fairly simple. All seven blends are distinctively different and which one you should use is strictly a matter of taste. Most often the recipes are created using either Arizona Original or Chipotle Rub and many specify a specific blend right in the recipe. But depending on what your taste buds are in the mood for, any of the rubs should provide excellent results.

For example, Spanizona Rice was initially developed using Original Rub but Chipotle could be a nice alternative if you’re in the mood for that smoky Chipotle flavor. Similarly, if you want something with a real kick, Arizona Rattlesnake Rub will deliver on flavor as well as the heat you want.

Have Fun & Experiment
The bottom line is that Arizona Rub is all about adding flavor. We encourage you to experiment and find flavor combinations that you like best. It’s all part of the fun of cooking and grilling. So remember to have a good time no matter what blend of Arizona Rub you use.



Original—Taste of the Southwest
Great for whatever’s on the grill, Arizona Original Rub is an excellent all purpose rub for pork, beef and chicken that adds a wonderful southwest flavor without adding heat. Make sure you try it on potatoes and grilled vegetables, too.

Chili Lime— Let the Fiesta Begin!
This flavor favorite guarantees a good time. Fantastic on fish and sea food, it adds zest to just about everything. Use it on corn on the cob (either straight or mixed with melted butter) and mix it with mayonnaise for use as a flavorful sandwich spread.

Mesquite— Circle the Chuck Wagons!
If you love that smoky, wood-fired grill flavor made famous by western BBQ, this is the rub for you. Superb on steak, chicken and anything that can benefit from that great mesquite flavor. It’s not just good, but cowboy good.

Chipotle—It's Smokin' Good!
Arizona Chipotle Rub adds the subtle heat and classic south-of-the-border smoky flavor of smoke-dried jalapeno peppers. It’s not only an excellent all around rub but a great multi purpose seasoning for whatever is cooking.

Rattlesnake—It's Got Bite!
If you like it spicy, Arizona Rattlesnake Rub has a bite you’re going to love with great flavor and just the right amount of heat on steaks, chicken and ribs. As a sprinkle spice it can also add pizzazz to soups, stews, chili, bloody marries and any where you want to kick up the flavor as well as the heat level.

Pistol Whip—It's Packin' Heat!
Arizona Pistol Whip Rub combines the rich flavor of four southwest chilies with the slow burn of habanero that heat lovers crave. A fiery rub, it also makes an excellent sprinkle spice for eggs, potatoes and anytime you want some heat along with some robust southwest flavor.

Desert Inferno—Light Your Fire
When you want to add some real heat to whatever you’re grilling, Desert Inferno will get the job done. As we say, it burns like hell but tastes like heaven. Desert Inferno has the searing heat of ghost peppers along with a heavenly flavor profile you’ll want to use on just about everything. And don’t forget that it also makes an excellent sprinkle spice anytime you want some a bit fire along with some great southwest flavor.