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2019 Petit Verdot Dessert

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A rich, decadent Porto Fortified with Estate-Distilled Spirits and Double Oaked in Grappa Casks
Size: 375 ml
A magnificent achievement for our winemakers, this dessert wine is very special. It was produced from hand-harvested Petit Verdot grown at our Block 1 vineyard in southeastern Arizona. The wine was fortified with grape spirits, which we distilled in 2016 from Grenache Blanc. Aged twice – first in new Hungarian oak puncheons, then racked to French oak brandy, grappa and American oak rye whiskey casks from our distillery. This rare “double oaking” process produced a berry-dense, wonderfully-aromatic Port-style wine that will age well and mellow for decades.

Vineyard Source: Flying Leap, Block 1 (Willcox, Arizona)

Fortified with Pure Eau-De-Vie Distilled by Flying Leap from Hand-Picked Marsanne Wine Grapes Grown at Our Block 2 Vineyard in Willcox, Arizona

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Varietal: Petit Verdot

Vintage: 2019

Wine Type: Port

Appellation: Willcox