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Chicken Scratch® - Sonoran White Wheat (750 ml)

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Unaged Moonshine from a Sour Mash of Sonoran White Wheat
Size: 750 ml

We produce an array of clear, unaged moonshine spirits from various grain & malt mashes, including sweet & blue corn, wheat, malted wheat, malted barleys, malted rye and oats. The specific mash basis availability depends on whiskey production in our distillery. Chicken Scratch® is our ubiquitous name for clear moonshines, and the product is our extra spirit rations left over from whiskey production where our cask allotments were all filled, leaving additional spirit without a home; these rations get bottled as Chicken Scratch® and are available for tasting and bottle purchase in our distillery tasting room at our winery estate. Flavors vary from mash to mash, with corn-based shines being sweeter, richer and more aromatic, while wheat-based shines are smoother and more malty. Our moonshines are flavorful spirits, perfect for blending and making wonderful clear Manhattans.

Distillate: Cereal & Malted Grain Mashes
Mash Bill: Sonoran White Wheat (Organic)
Oak Source: N/A
Aged: N/A
Strength: 80 Proof