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Charcoal, Wine & Whiskey Cask

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Hardwood Lump Charcoal Kiln-Fired from Flying Leap Wine, Whiskey & Brandy Barrels!
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An all-natural, hardwood lump charcoal kiln-fired at Flying Leap's winery estate from retired wine, whiskey and brandy barrels. The old barrels are disassembled, and the oak staves are cut into chunks. They are then loaded into our retort kiln, which is fueled using scrap wood, cardboard and grapevine bagasse. The oak chunks are roasted in the kiln for 24-48 hours, then allowed to cool. The final charcoal is air-dried, then weighed, sorted and loaded into buckets and sealed. It has a unique, intensely-aromatic cooking flavor with clean, long burning heat. A truly unique and wonderful artisanal charcoal for the chef looking to produce uniquely-flavored barbecue.