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Habanero Brandy Liqueur (200ml)

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Sweet Brandy Liqueur Infused with Spicy Habanero Chilies
Size: 200 ml
It's Got A Bite! Our Habanero brandy liqueur is a derivative from the production of our Habanero chili wine. When producing the chili wine, we use high-proof neutral grape spirits to sterilize the habanero chilies before soaking them in a wine charge (this gives the small amount of charging wine its natural habanero essence). We drain off the infused spirit afterwards and normally discard it (it's undrinkably hot at this point). However, we've long speculated that the spirits could be used to make other products, and we've been working on them for years. We even tried making a Bloody Mary mix with them, but that proved to be too hot. Here, however, the fusion of heat, diluted into eau-de-vie (clear grape brandy) with aged Cognac-styled brandy sweetened with cane simple produced a wonderfully-spicy liqueur that had sufficient, tolerable heat and delicious flavor. This liqueur has moderate heat intensity, and it blends well into hot chocolate or any cocktail featuring chocolate/cocoa.

Distillate: Eaux-de-vie: both cask-aged and clear, unaged (naturally-infused with fresh Habanero chilies)
Oak Source: France (Limousin forest) [aged brandy component]
Aged: 4-years [aged brandy component]
Strength: 93.6 Proof

Appellation: Willcox