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Lavender Brandy Liqueur (375 ml)

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Sweet Brandy Liqueur, Infused with Lavender Flowers from Our Garden
Size: 375 ml

We grow Provençal Lavender in our gardens at our winery estate in Elgin, Arizona. The garden burns in vibrant & fragrant purple from the end of June to the beginning of August. We pick the lavender flowers in the fall then painstakingly remove the aromatic, oil-rich flower pods from the stems after they've air-dried in our distillery. We do a direct infusion of the flowers into pure, clean eau-de-vie and allow the infusion to take place over several months. Once the spirit has achieved the concentration of both fragrance and color we are after, we blend in cask-aged brandy to the infused eau-de-vie, and then we cut it to proof with a house-made simple syrup of boiled cane sugar and spring water to sweeten and add butterscotch notes to the liqueur. The lavender brandy liqueur is rich and flavorful, with clean, pleasant and balanced aromatics of fresh lavender flower with a wonderfully sweet flavor. It can be used to add a hint of lavender to a Martini or Rickey, and we've found it works well as a replacement for rum in Mojitos and melon-based cocktails.

Distillate: Eau-de-Vie (clear brandy of winegrapes)
Infusion: Natural, Lavender flower
Strength: 80 Proof

Appellation: Willcox