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Orange Brandy (750 ml)

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Sweet Brandy Liqueur, Infused with Sweet Spanish Orange Peel
Size: 750 ml

A true liqueur of orange, our Arancello is produced from pure eau-de-vie distilled from our wine grapes. We naturally-infuse the spirit over months of direct steeping & aspiration with sweet Spanish orange peel to impart a more intense orange essence than traditional cellos. When complete, the infused spirit is cut-to-proof using simple syrup made from scratch at our distillery using cane sugar, spring water and hours of boiling to achieve a butterscotch, vanilla flavor that compliments and wonderfully-softens the orange. Use our Arancello in a margarita -- it's perfect, or drizzle over cake. It's as decadent as it is delicious.

Distillate: Eau-de-Vie (clear brandy of winegrapes)
Infusion: Natural, Sweet Spanish Orange Peel
Strength: 80 Proof