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Sweet Vermouth

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Artisinal, Handcrafted Vermouth from FLV Wine, Brandy and 11 Botanicals
Size: 750 ml
Meticulously crafted, our sweet Vermouth embodies artisanal excellence. Infused with luscious Mission figs and complemented with 6-year, cask-aged brandy, the Vermouth is richly flavored, intensely aromatic and beautiful to the eye. Enhanced with eleven spices, including authentic Albanian wormwood, it has a distinctive and wonderfully-delicious bitter finish. Sip it over ice with a juicy orange slice for a refreshing aperitif or elevate your favorite cocktail by using our Vermouth as a mixer.

Vineyard Source: Mendoza, Argentina

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Varietal: Chardonnay

Vintage: 2022

Wine Type: White

Appellation: Mendoza