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Wine Country Bourbon - Blue Corn Sour Mash Maple Infused

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Maple Cask Finished, New Mexican Blue Corn, Sour Mash
Size: 375 ml

A true masterpiece, our Wine Country Bourbon is produced from a soured mash of primarily New Mexican Blue corn with a touch of sweet corn cereal grains, along with roasted wheat and 6-row Spring barley malts. The intensely flavorful whiskey was brought off the still at 140-proof, then loaded into heavily-charred Kentucky White oak casks and aged in our barrelhouse for four years. The aged Bourbon was then transferred into Maple syrup casks and allowed to finish for another year before bottling. The final whiskey is deeply-colored amber/bronze with intense flavor notes of sweet cherries & oak, aromatic vanilla and a burned sugar finish. It's smooth, unique and produced in very small quantities. The final spirit was cut to 104 proof.

Distillate: Cereal & Malted Grain Mash
Mash Bill: Blue Corn (78%), Malted Wheat (9%), Malted Barley (9%), and Sweet Yellow Corn (4%)
Oak Source: Kentucky White Oak
Aged: 5 Years (4 primary, 1 finish)
Strength: 104 Proof