Rub Crusted Prime Rib

Treat your family to great flavor for the holidays. We’re confident this prime rib will fill your table with joy and goodwill.

Bone-in prime rib roast, 3 ribs, about 6 lbs
10 Cloves garlic, smashed (a garlic press works well)
¼ C Prepared horseradish
¼ C Stone ground mustard (or course ground Dijon)
¼ C Olive oil
2 TSP Fresh thyme leaves, finely chopped
3 TBSP Arizona Original Rub (rub crust/paste)
2 TBSP Arizona Chipotle Rub
¼ C Arizona Original Rub (rub on roast, approx)
3 Large garlic cloves cut into 12 or more slices

Au Jus
4 C Beef stock
2 C Red wine
2 TSP Fresh thyme leaves, finely chopped
2 TSP Original Rub

Wash roast and pat dry. Make 12 or more slits in the fat side of the roast and insert garlic slices. Rub roast well with Arizona Original Rub, cover and place in refrigerator overnight. Remove roast and bring to room temperature. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix Arizona Rub, mustard, horseradish, smashed garlic, thyme and olive oil in a bowl to make a thick paste. Coat entire roast with paste. Place bone side down on rack in roasting pan. Roast for about 2 hours until internal temperature reaches 135 degrees (be careful not to touch bone with thermometer). Remove, cover with foil, and let rest while making au jus.

Place roasting pan with drippings on stove top covering two burners. Add wine and reduce by 25% over high heat. Add beef broth and Arizona Original Rub and continue cooking until reduced by 50%. Strain into gravy boat. Slice roast and serve with au jus.

Serves 6

*Cook times are approximate.